The Boston VA is a top-rated cancer center and one of the only VA facilities that houses a mesothelioma treatment program

Top VA Treatment Center

The Boston VA Health Care System is in the top tier of mesothelioma treatment centers in the United States. According to a recent internal analysis carried out by the VA, Boston ranks among the VA’s and the nation’s top healthcare providers.

However, veterans who are looking for the best mesothelioma care don’t have to take the VA’s word for it. In 2013, the Boston VA treated a total of 10,028 inpatients and attended a total of 713,913 outpatients. These numbers are a testament to the trust veterans place in the Boston VA’s doctors and facilities.

Dr. Abraham ‘Avi’ Lebenthal: Top Mesothelioma Surgeon

The Boston VA’s status as a top-ranking VA treatment center is thanks in no small part to Dr. Abraham ‘Avi’ Lebenthal, one of the most respected mesothelioma surgeons in the country and director of the mesothelioma program at the Boston VA.

Expertise in mesothelioma care is a rarity in most cancer centers across the country, and is even rarer within the VA network. Other hospitals within the VA network may not have doctors on staff who are experienced enough to properly diagnose and treat mesothelioma, a rare disease that can be mistaken for other cancers.

Additionally, no other VA hospital hosts a mesothelioma program, which puts the Boston VA in a unique position to provide the care veterans diagnosed with service-related mesothelioma deserve.

Dr. Abraham 'Avi' Lebenthal

Dr. Lebenthal offers more than just extensive experience in treating mesothelioma. He is expertly trained in minimally invasive surgery, which helps cut down on the time it takes patients to recover from surgical procedures.

He received this training during his fellowship at Brigham and Women’s (BWH), where he worked under world-renowned mesothelioma surgeon Dr. David Sugarbaker.

Dr. Lebenthal currently provides top-level mesothelioma treatment at both the Boston VA and BWH.

VA Benefits and Mesothelioma

If you’re a veteran who has been diagnosed with service-connected mesothelioma, you may be eligible for free treatment at Boston VA. The VA recognizes that veterans who served between the 1930s and 1970s were put at a high risk of asbestos exposure. It offers veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma access to free treatment for diseases caused by, or gained during, active duty.

Veterans are also entitled to disability compensation and benefits through the VA, but must file a claim to qualify. Filing a claim with the VA can, however, be frustrating and cause unwelcome stress for veterans and their families.

Our Veterans Help Team has plenty of experience filing claims with the VA and is here to make the process easier for the brave men and women who served this country. Contact a member of our team for information on filing a claim with the VA.