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“Bud was able to extend his life after he was diagnosed.”

Alice, wife of mesothelioma patient Bud

I’m so glad Bud and I made the decision to seek help. With the help of the organization and doctors, Bud was able to extend his life after he was diagnosed. During that time, he did have a good quality of life thanks to their financial support. We were able to buy some of the latest drugs that were available that gave him a better quality of life.

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Improve your Prognosis

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Improve Your Life Expectancy

Learn how you can beat the odds and take control of your prognosis.

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Find Out How To Pay For Treatment

From the millions in settlements to the billions in asbestos trust funds, you've got options to help pay for treatment.

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Learn About New Treatment Options

Get detailed information on new innovative treatment like immunotherapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy, and photodynamic therapy.

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Contact us at (866) 500-3162 and take control or your prognosis. A member of our Patient Help Team is ready to connect you to more information about your diagnosis financial aid, and treatment.

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With our support, thousands of mesothelioma patients get the best care available.

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“Well-researched & accurate information”

Dr Lavoie-Vaughan

The Mesothelioma Group provides well-researched and accurate information about mesothelioma and its treatment. Their resource section provides valuable information about specialists who treat mesothelioma and where to find available support groups.