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How We Help:

  1. Top Specialists and Treatment Centers
    We start by building strong relationships with top mesothelioma specialists and treatment centers.
  2. Diagnosis Review
    Mesothelioma affects every patient differently. Each type and stage requires a specific course of treatment. We review your diagnosis and to make sure you’re matched with a specialist who can provide the individualized care you need.
  3. Connect to a Specialist
    Once we find the right specialist, we make sure you’re connected right away so you can get the treatment you need.

What We Consider When We Search For A Specialist:

  • Your Diagnosis
    We match you with a specialist who has experience treating your specific diagnosis.
  • Your Location
    Traveling can be expensive. We help keep travel costs low by finding specialists located near you.
  • Access to Clinical Trials
    Clinical trials offer new treatments that can improve prognosis. We help find specialists with access to clinical trials.
  • Treatment History
    We review your treatment history and consider what has worked for you in the past.
  • Top Specialists
    We make sure you’re matched with a specialist who can provide you the individualized care you need.
  • Financial Aid
    We make sure that you have the financial support to get the treatment you need.
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