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CANTRIA is a FREE service that can open the door to a potential opportunity to improve your quality of life. Let someone with expertise perform the serious legwork of finding a clinical trial that is right for you. 

Why You Need to Enroll in a Mesothelioma Clinical Trial

MesotheliomaGroup has partnered with CANTRIA, an organization growing out of work done at a major U.S. oncology group that helps mesothelioma patients identify and enroll in clinical trials. Together we help patients and families with qualifying for and finding the best clinical trial fit, where trials are located, and how to participate. 

Encouraging new mesothelioma clinical trials are underway including those that include immunotherapy, a type of treatment that has produced improved outcomes in many areas of cancer. Keytruda and Opdivo mesothelioma immunotherapy are two other promising avenues of mesothelioma treatment that are bringing relief to many patients and their families.

What is CANTRIA?

CANTRIA is the most personalized mesothelioma clinical trial matching service in existence. Its focus is to gain access to clinical trials for people with mesothelioma.

Submit your answers to the questions on the right to help CANTRIA lead you to the clinical trials that may be right for you.

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Your time is precious and having someone with expertise to perform the serious legwork is what CANTRIA provides. By sharing a call with CANTRIA, you will learn what clinical trials are available, where they are located, and how to participate. 

CANTRIA is a FREE service. Use CANTRIA at no cost and open the door to these benefits:

  • Receive printed search results containing details about trials that may be right for you, including the lead investigators, participating institutions, trial ID, sponsor, title, distance from patient, facility, city and state
  • Obtain access to a clinical trials navigator team at CANTRIA
  • Receive cutting-edge medications, ground breaking immunotherapy treatments, and other medical procedures not yet available to patients
  • Take advantage of a potential opportunity to improve your quality of life
  • Meet other mesothelioma patients who may be willing to compare experiences and any positive actions they have taken

The vision for CANTRIA began in 2006 when the team was working at a major U.S. oncology group and recognized that cancer patients had very limited access to clinical trials. CANTRIA set out to build a patient-centered solution to address this problem. After a thorough nine year development phase, CANTRIA began work with its first mesothelioma patient in 2015.

The CANTRIA family includes cancer doctors, cancer survivors, and other people that have been involved with cancer clinical trials for most of their careers.  Each member of the CANTRIA family recognizes that clinical trials are a very important treatment option for people with mesothelioma; but most people are unaware or misinformed about the potential benefits of clinical trials.  CANTRIA has made it their mission to empower mesothelioma patients by providing them with information and access to clinical trials.

There are a different set of criteria a patient must meet before they qualify for a mesothelioma clinical trial. CANTRIA clinical trial navigators can investigate the criteria for a clinical trial and determine whether you qualify for enrollment. There are trials looking for patients with a certain type of mesothelioma disease. Other studies need participants who haven’t yet received any mesothelioma treatment—trial or traditional. In some cases, researchers may be looking for a specific age group or patients with a certain stage of cancer.

Once you and your CANTRIA clinical trial navigator have identified a trial that you are qualified for, your doctor may be able to help you determine if a particular clinical trial is a good fit for you. And your doctor can discuss the pros and cons of participating in the trial.

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What Do I Do Next?

To learn more about your mesothelioma clinical trial options give CANTRIA a call at 303-759-5797 or use our mesothelioma clinical trial matching tool right here at the top of this page to get started. Simply answer a few questions about yourself, and a CANTRIA clinical trial navigator will receive the information they need to begin finding the trials that fit your unique condition.