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Everyone has a story…what’s yours?

Whether you’ve stuck through chemotherapy treatments with a parent, or battled against this devastating illness yourself, we want to hear your story.

The Mesothelioma Group invites you to submit an essay detailing how cancer (not just mesothelioma) has affected your life. Essays should be 500-1,500 words, and can describe your story in any way you choose as long as it provides information related to the prompt. Winners of this essay scholarship will receive $1,500. The essays will be judged and winners chosen based on how they have experienced and overcome strong adversity in the face of cancer. Academic standing, financial need, and volunteer work will also be considered. The Mesothelioma Group hopes this scholarship will help further awareness of cancer and promote the discovery of a cure.

Stories can inspire and move people to action. Your story could change lives. Send in your essay today and help make strides toward a future of a hope – a future without cancer.

Learn about the rules and find scholarship instructions here, or register to the right to receive scholarship updates. Below are other cancer scholarships from world-renown cancer organizations.

Other Cancer Scholarships

01 June
Cancer Survivors’ Fund
The Cancer Survivors Fund provides scholarships for cancer survivors who are residents of the United States. Candidates must be a cancer survivor or currently diagnosed with cancer, but do not need to be receiving treatment to qualify. Scholarships are awarded based on hardship and academic qualifications of the candidates.
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01 November
SuperSibs! Scholarships
Applicants must be graduating high school seniors who are siblings of a child with cancer, live in the United States, and planning to attend an accredited educational institution in the upcoming semester.
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01 January
Cancer For College
Provides one-time and recurring scholarships to current and former cancer patients. Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen planning to enroll in an accredited four-year university, community college or graduate school. Awards vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
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01 April
Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation Scholarship
The purpose of the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation Scholarship is to assist students who have been affected by breast cancer in some way. A minimum of eight scholarships of $1,000 in value each may be awarded in the spring. The scholarships are not renewable but a recipient may reapply in subsequent years while they are in college.
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25 February
Youth Cancer Survivor College Scholarship (Ohio)
The American Cancer Society’s Youth Cancer Survivor College Scholarship Program is a scholarship opportunity exclusively for students with a history of cancer. Established in 2000, the program is designed to provide young cancer patients/survivors in Ohio assistance in pursuing higher education from an accredited school.
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15 January
MaryEllen Locher Foundation
The MaryEllen Locher Foundation scholarships (formerly Children of Breast Cancer Scholarships) are awarded to students who lost a parent to breast cancer and to children of breast cancer survivors. The scholarship amount is at least $1,000.
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31 August
PinkRose Scholarship
The PinkRose Foundation Inc. provides $1,000 scholarships for college students who have lost a parent or legal guardian to breast cancer. The scholarships help the children embark on personal growth and start to overcome the grief caused by breast cancer. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and under the age of 25. US citizenship or permanent residency is required, as is a high school diploma or equivalent.
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29 March
PAF’s Scholarships for Survivors
The Patient Advocate Foundation awards eight Scholarships for Survivors of $5,000 per year for cancer survivors to initiate or complete a course of study that has been interrupted or delayed by a diagnosis of cancer or other life-threatening, chronic or debilitating disease. Recipients must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Recipients are required to complete 20 hours of community service during the school year.
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15 March
Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation (Colorado and Montana)
The Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation provides college scholarships of up to $2,500 a year for four years to high school graduates who are cancer survivors. Currently the scholarships are restricted to cancer survivors from Colorado and Montana, with most of the awards given to Colorado survivors.
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